Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Good day, readers.

Who amongst us claims that he does have no recollection of a dreadful person who was the leader of the notorious terrorism organization, Al Qaeda? Nobody, yes? What? You don't know him? Have you been living under a rock or something? Well...never mind that. Back to our little topic, shall we? Well, as I have deliberately said, this 'friend' of ours has been the leader for the notorious terrorism organization for quite some times. He has an enormous and pathetic beard with a pathetically awful sense of clothing (I'm definitely didn't say that I have a good sense of clothing whatsoever). Yep. He's our 'friend' Osama Bin Laden.

At first, this unseemly story looks like another hoax which travels faster than the speed of light. However, after the announcement from president Barrack Obama, which is currently the president of the United State (obviously), the seemingly hoax has turned a hundred and eighty degrees into a fact. A solid fact (except that this is a conspiracy, just like in the Body of Lies). Well, I won't discuss about the implication of this execution, even though that would definitely be interesting. Re-election secured. What? I didn't say anything. You must've been drinking too bloody much, mate.

Friday, August 27, 2010


So, this day I have been given the chance to watch 2 movies consecutively, and I have came to a conclusion that.... it's not good for my health (since I felt like my head was going to explode afterward)... Err...nope. That's not my conclusion. I was sidetracked. My sincerest apology. I have came to a conclusion that Daybreakers is more worth the money than The Expendables #plotwise #IMHO. Why? Let us discuss this shall we?

Well, I am a subjective grader, means I don't give grades objectively #crystalclear. I love movies with BLOOD, GORE, DARK PLOTS *cough**cough* more entertaining plots. I am not saying that there's no BLOOD entertaining scenes in The Expendables, I am merely saying that Daybreakers has more 'memorable' scenes compared than The Expendables.

But let me make this clear here, I liked both movies. Both producers, actors, and effects staff did a tremendous work. Kudos to them! *clapshands*. If you tell me to score those movies, I'd like to give a 8/10 for The Expendables and 8.5/10 for Daybreakers.

That's all folks.

Not Sincerely yours,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Good afternoon, readers! (If there's any).

Today is Aug, 26th 2010, which means, I haven't posted anything here for about... let's see... 1 year and a few months. Well, it's not a big deal, since I've said earlier in my first post that I won't be too active in blogging (did I? I think I did... or not. Who cares?). Well, lots of things have happened since the first of my posts, and some posts afterward (that have been deleted for good). And on this occasion I would like to declare my retraction on my previous statement (again, which has been deleted for good) that I will be desserting (no, it wasn't a typo, it was a pun) this blog.

In the end, let me remind you once again, that this blog will be filled with my ideas, critics, or opinions towards some hot issues (both national or international) that I am compelled to write about.

In the end thanks for reading this blog and I bid you farewell.

Sincerely yours,
Super Admin,

Friday, June 19, 2009

From the Author's Desk

And again, I have obliterated my last blog and created a new blog.

As you can see, I am Andika Bramantio, you can call me whatever you want... as long as it's not... some... unconventional names that might irritate me. In this blog, I will post whatever is on my mind, whether that is ideas or some criticism, and maybe my opinions towards something that compels me.

To support democracy (and to make me look somehow smarter), sometimes I will also post something related to politics. Seriously.

Regarding about languages I will use in this blog, most of all, I will use English, proper one. I hope I won't be using internet slangs such as "LOL" or "ROFL" or "OMG", but I will try to use English in it's correct punctuation. (Please, pardon my grammar, English is my second language, mind you!). Aside from English I will also use Indonesian... though it is most unlikely. You'll see the examples later. By later I do mean later. About 1-2 years later.

That's all for now, I bid you farewell.